HOW TO: Transform Men’s Colour with American Crew

 American Crew Australia invites men’s hairdressers to ‘blend and win’ with the Ultimate Blendsetter competition. The event celebrates the official re-launch of Precision Blend Color and offers an all-exclusive trip for two.

Masters of men’s style, American Crew extended their transformative powers beyond the style cabinet and into the colour corner with the launch of ammonia free Precision Blend Color in 2010.The professional colour system creates a blended look for a result equally natural and refined, and evolves men’s express services for the traditional barber and modern salon alike. Now, a new and improved formula has amplified the process and possibilities to cover beard and hair alike, and infuses texture with a welcome hit of Vitamin B5, for a softer, healthy finish. Completely customisable and covering a full spectrum of colour needs, expect seamless colour in under 5 minutes, minus the regrowth. Big results in minimal time –  the modern man’s ultimate salon experience.

“The American Crew Precision Blend system is something that we use a lot of with our men – a quick add on service that wears off without any demarcation,” starts American Crew All Star, Gary McKenzie.

“The new formula gives very natural results and depending on the application, you can achieve light or dense coverage across hair and now the beard. The product provides us with a system that is easy, effective and creative.”

In honour of the re-launch and to really showcase the possibilities of American Crew Precision Blend Color in collaboration with the brand’s infamous styling portfolio, American Crew invited two All Stars to transform their client’s total look – and transform they did.

All Star #1: Lino D’Adderio

“Fortunately, my model walked in with a fantastic hair and beard for the American Crew Precision Blend Professional Color System transformation, and we were both thrilled with the results,” starts Lino.


“I wanted a natural look so used the 4-5 Medium Brown. We applied directly onto the hair followed by the beard. My development time was 5 min on the hair and 10 min on the beard as my model’s hair (especially the beard) is quite resistant. We cut and styled before colouring and finished with American Crew Matte Clay and the King Louis IX Styling Rake – applied with a brush and combed through to spread well throughout hair and beard.”


All Star #2: Mark Rabone

“Clement has long layers and a very distinct beard style, so in keeping with that, I maintained the edges and looser hairs around the nape with a tight taper. The beard gets more exaggerated around the jawline to create a squarer shape, and the moustache was left long for styling flexibility,” says Mark.


“Using a colour brush, I first applied American Crew Precision Blend Professional Color to the hairline and front panels, combing through to the ends. Then, using the same brush, I applied colour to the beard, working through with a beard comb for consistency. We processed for 5 minutes and upon rinsing used a wet towel to remove colour from the beard before applying American Crew Beard Foam to prevent further processing.”

“Lastly, we used American Crew Beard Serum and then dried-in the Finishing Spray Finish with Moustache Wax.”


Like what you see? American Crew invites men’s hairdressers and barbers of Australia to blend and win an all-inclusive trip for two where they will be granted the ultimate ‘blend your own rum’ experience at craft rum distillery Bundaberg in Queensland. Judged by All Stars and talented transformers, Gary McKenzie, Lino D’Adderio and Mark Rabone, the prize includes one night accomodation and return flights for you and your partner in crime.

How to Participate:

  1. Upload a before and after photo of your creation on your Instagram,
  2. Tag @americancrewoz and hashtag #ACBlendsetter
  3. Submit your details on the form, here. 

Don’t have American Crew Precision Blend at hand?

No worries! If you’d like to get your hands on some American Crew Precision Blend Professional Color samples for your barbershop, DM the brand on Instagram @americancrewoz