Proof that blondes really do have more fun. We went straight to the expert and quizzed FUDGE Professional’s Hair Expert, blonde afficionado and stylist to the stars Shannon Williams on all things ‘22 trends and how to achieve the perfect blonde shade year round.

TJM: Can you chat us through your top hair cut/colour trends for 2022?

SW: I’m so excited for 2022 trends, as my favourite big fluffy ‘90s blowouts are finally in FASHION HONEY! Soft French Shags are also a hot trend for 2022, with soft layers and textured ends complimented by a sexy fringe framing the face.

In terms of colour trends for 2022, expensive brunettes are coming in – still with variations of lighter tones creating a richness and expensive, high end feel.

TJM: How can these trends be easily achieved for those wanting to recreate at home?

SW: First thing first, you need a perfect cut from your favourite hairstylist.

Secondly, I highly suggest blow drying in Aqua Primer by Fudge. It’s a perfect primer that provides heat protection up to 230 degrees, and preps the hair for the ultimate long lasting blow dry. From there, I use the Cloud Nine Waving Wand for those super ‘90s blowout looks.

For colour, home hair care products tailored to colour treated hair are a non-negotiable… So yes, you absolutely need a colour shampoo, conditioner and treatment. For blondes, Fudge’s Damage Rewind treatment has a unique Opti-PLEX technology that penetrates deep into the hair core to reconstruct bonds after chemical, styling and environmental damage.

Hair is left brighter, stronger and dramatically smoother with five times the softness. I literally swear by the product and recommend it to all my blondes!

TJM: What’s your favourite way to interpret blonde for your clients?

SW: First thing you need to consider is skin tone. Let’s take, for example, a fairer skinned client wanting a cooler blonde. Cool on cool can dull a client’s skin tone, so you’d need to suggest to them that they’ll need to wear more makeup to add colour and life back into their skin.

Look for people/celebrities who have the same colourings and skin tone as you for colour inspiration. Adding in a different hue tone of blonde can help compliment a client’s skin tone, so that would be my first step in suggesting the perfect blonde for a clients skin tone.

TJM: Any tips on how to avoid the dreaded green tinge post summer?

SW: Try to avoid swimming in chlorine! Failing that, my top tip (that I suggest to all my clients) is to wet their hair prior to going swimming, and put a leave in treatment through the hair. I know it’s high maintenance, but so is blonde hair and trying to remove the green!

The hair acts as a sponge, so it’s not going to absorb as much of the chemicals or salt in the water which changes the tones of the hair. Also ensure you wash your hair straight after with a tailored blonde shampoo. I love the Fudge Clean Blonde Toning Purple Shampoo, which instantly removes yellow / green tones from the hair.

If the hair does go green, I suggest mixing a detox shampoo with bicarbonate soda and leaving in the hair for 10-15 minutes to help remove the tones.