With the weekend less than an hour away (not that anyone’s counting) we thought we’d throw it back to these uber luxe looks created by Daren Borthwick for BAZAAR in Bloom. How’s that for Fri-yay hair inspo.

Held at Sydney’s opulent Ivy Ballroom, this year’s BAZAAR in Bloom marked an important event on the social calendar, inviting a fashionable crowd of guests to celebrate for a cause: namely The Royal Hospital for Women’s Fertility & Research Centre. Presented by Harper’s BAZAAR, the evening featured a suitably grandiose runway display: starring a series of one-off couture pieces… and equally mesmerizing hair looks.

Image by Virginia Venn

Leading a team of Goldwell’s finest – including stylists Garreth Lenagh and Jordan Robertson of Préma Sydney – Hair Director Daren Borthwick would curate three distinct hair looks to complement each of the exquisite garments: “With these looks, we were really catering to each woman, and fitting the hair to each of the dresses.”

Look 1: Weightless Wonder

Image by Virginia Venn

The first look was can ethereal, fluffed-up-frizz ‘do, that perfectly accompanied the drama of gowns. “I really wanted to create a frizzy hair look” said Daren, “I thought this would be the perfect opportunity as we were showcasing really over the top evening dresses. The look is beautifully textured, luxe and fluffy, with somewhat of a mink feel – but still shiny.”

Step One: Prep hair with Goldwell Creative Texture Spray. Spray through hair for added grit, specifically in the roots.

Step Two: Spritz through Goldwell’s Kerasilk Repower Volume Blow-dry Spray before blowdrying hair.

Step Three: Starting at the nape of the neck, part hair into brick sections before back-combing and crimping lengths. (Backcombing before crimping ensures there are no defined crimp marks.)

Step Four: Brush out each section, locking in root area at the top with a mist of hairspray. Hair should feel light, with plenty of movement.

Look 2: Wet and Wild

The second look was a high drama – high saturation – slick-down that well and truly dominated the runway, offsetting the soft elegance of Look 1. “The wet look is such a dramatic hairstyle that’s beautiful to look at on a catwalk. It’s a little bit vampiresque, and really clings to models’ heads.”

Step One: After washing, prepping and drying hair, part strands into brick sections.

Step Two: Apply a handful of Goldwell SS Hardliner Gel and work through until hair has a wet appearance, avoiding ends so as to maintain movement. (This has a very strong hold, so be sure to work fast!) For best results, apply gel to dry hair for optimum hold.

Step Three: Using a fine tooth comb, slick hair down before wrapping with a hair net (yes, the type your grandma uses) and drying with a diffuser. This will ensure hair dries flat.

Step Four: Complete the look by applying Goldwell SS Just Smooth Diamond Gloss to ends for added shine.

Look 3: French Girl Chic

Image by Virginia Venn

Last but not least – and perhaps the simplest to achieve sans personal session stylist – is this modern take on the French girl bouffant. “The final look had more of a French girl style – really undone – with ribbon wrapped at the nape of the neck to contain the hair.”

Step One: Begin with hair parted in the middle to ensure even product dispersion. Spray with Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Regenerating Blow Dry Spray and allow hair to dry naturally. “The trick with natural hair, is to ensure you apply conditioning product, comb flat, and allow to dry naturally. ”

Step Two: For fine/flat hair, loosely tong sections for added shape and volume.

Step Three: Once hair is completely dry, break up clumps using your fingers, before parting hair to the side.

Step Four: Gently wrap ribbon around the nape of the neck to create a subtle bouffant and keep strands in place.

Image by Virginia Venn

Et Voila!

Words by Daniela Maroun