Goldwell have unveiled a new direction for 2015 centreing on a new brand statement: ‘We Think Stylist’. The new direction for Goldwell has been developed based on the insight that what matters to Goldwell stylists, matters to Goldwell. The brand’s mission is to be a trusted, salon-only partner who not only understands the stylist’s needs but also really thinks like them, so Goldwell can better develop new initiatives and work together with salons and stylists to achieve greater success.

In preparation for the launch of the new Goldwell Brand, Goldwell Australia declared Friday 31 October 2014 ‘We Think Stylist Day’, wherein each member of the Goldwell team spent a day working in a salon and experiencing a day in the life of a hair stylist.

Justin Anderson, General Manager Kao Australia Salon Division, says “The ‘We Think Stylist’ Day was an opportunity for the Goldwell team to interact and engage with salons and stylists: “Having a strong understanding of our stylists, their needs and challenges in a salon will equip our team to put the stylist at the centre of our thinking so we can be the salon-only brand that truly thinks stylist.”

Check out a few happy snaps from ‘We Think Stylist’ Day below: