Paul Mitchell Australia have announced the launch of the brands new global fundraising campaign #GIVINGISMYSTYLE.

The campaign urges both consumers and hairdressing professionals to share how or why they make a difference to humanity via Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GIVINGISMYSTYLE.

Each time the #GIVINGISMYSTYLE hash tag is used Paul Mitchell will donate $1 to one of the brands favorite non-profits on the users behalf.

“Philanthropic support is an ongoing goal for the global Paul Mitchell brand, a commitment to caring for people and the planet is a driving force in everything the Paul Mitchell brand does” explains Three Six Five Managing Director John Pizzey.

“Through the #GIVINGISMYSTYLE campaign Paul Mitchell is successfully leveraging social media as the communication vehicle for raising awareness for the social responsibility we each have to help and support our fellow people by any means available to us,” continues John.

Three Six Five are throwing their full support behind the #GIVINGISMYSTYLE campaign and challenge both salons and consumers alike to participate in this industry first initiative.

“Every post counts and participation so far has raised $6,231 however Paul Mitchell believe as an industry we can come together and raise much more than this and make a substantial impact to areas in need” says John.


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– TJ