ghd platinum Review by Industry Icons

It’s been on the market for a few months now and has made its way into the hands of some of the industries best hairdressers and educators. We got chatting with Jayne Wild, Tracey Hughes and Lorna Evans to find out what they love most about the new ghd platinum.

TJ: How are you enjoying the new ghd platinum?

JAYNE: As you know I was an eclipse addict. I couldn’t go any where without it! But as soon as I got platinum in my hands I was an instant convert.

LORNA: I am in LOVE with the new platinum, like all stylists, I want to deliver beautiful results in a short amount of time and the platinum is so fast and effective, it allows me to create beautiful styles in half the time!

TRACEY: I absolutely love the new ghd platinum! Performance is the key to a great styling tool and ghd have proven to be the most innovative leaders once again.

What would you say is the biggest improvement from the previous ghd model?

JAYNE: From the moment I put platinum my hand it was as if it was apart of me, an extension to my arm. It just sat so well in my hand. It gives me a new freedom to maximise the amazing technology . As a stylist it brings the wrist more into play and am totally amazed by the extra styling options it’s giving me.

How are your clients responding to the ghd platinum?

LORNA: We have had fantastic response from our clients but to be honest like most new products nothing will work unless the stylist LOVES it and they are over the moon with the results.

JAYNE: It looks amazing, very seductive! As I’ve said the feel of it in their hands give them a whole new confidence so they too are achieving better results.

Have you noticed an improvement in the health of the hair after using the ghd platinum compared to other styling?

LORNA: In my work I use a lot of human hair wefts and I like to colour them myself , what I have found is that styling them with the platinum keeps the hair colour vibrant and the shine is awesome.

TRACEY: Due to the optimum temperature setting the hair is at less risk of damage. Since using the platinum I have certainly noticed more shine and an improvement in the health of the hair.

What is your favourite style to achieve using the ghd platinum?

JAYNE: It’s a freedom to achieve anything well. So I LOVE straightening coarse curly hair. I LOVE curling straight fine hair. I LOVE waving very long hair. In a nutshell it helps make me a better hairdresser.

TRACEY: I enjoy using the ghd platinum mostly for smoothing hair. Since my signature style is clean graphic lines the platinum is perfect to enhance the shine on straight hair. To create curls I like to use the ghd curve tools.

– TJ