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You may have caught our coverage of ghd’s TAKE CONTROL NOW campaign back in July of this year, and we are thrilled to announce that the campaign has been recognised by the national peak body for Australian health and medical research. 

TAKE CONTROL NOW, which has raised millions for breast cancer research while urging women to ‘take control now’ by regularly checking their breasts, has been recognised by Research Australia and announced as finalist in the Advocacy category of its national Health and Medical Research Awards.

Through emblazoning TAKE CONTROL NOW on their iconic hair straightener, ghd seamlessly incorporated a simple reminder to conduct regular breast checks into the everyday routine of women who may not be in tune with more traditional health advocacy.

The Advocacy Award, sponsored by AbbVie, recognises exceptional contributions by an individual  or team who has supported Australian communities through championing and raising awareness  about the importance of health and medical research. ghd has raised more than $4.5m for the  National Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia, and over US$22m for breast cancer charities  globally.

Ludovid Dellazzeri, ghd’s Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, said the brand actively  sought to correct the misperception that breast cancer was a disease affecting older women.

“Our mission is to empower women, and giving them the confidence to take action for breast checks  is an important part of that,” he said.

“Speaking to our large community of younger women, we encourage them to take control now of  their own health and their own destiny by self-checking, because that’s the best way to catch breast  cancer early and ultimately have better health outcomes.”

Research Australia CEO Nadia Levin said ghd’s campaign showed the leading role that brands  could play in s supporting life saving research.

“ghd has reached into the daily routine of young Australian women, reminding them of the  importance of breast checks when they pick up a hair straightener with the ‘Take Control Now’  message, or flick through the ghd social channels for hair tips,” Ms Levin said. “This campaign  connects with audiences who might tune out from more traditional health advocacy, sharing  important body positivity messages with vital health education.

“We congratulate ghd for its ingenuity in its long-term commitment to breast cancer awareness and  research, and are excited to be recognising this in our 2022 Awards.”

Winners will be announced at the 19th Health and Medical Research Awards in Melbourne on December 8th 2022. A huge TJM congratulations ghd, and good luck!

For more information on the TAKE CONTROL NOW initiative, check out our write up here.