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It’s the hair every influencer, salon guest, model and often fashion director ask for, every time. That quintessential, ‘just rolled out of bed but a little bit done’ hair. The stuff Aussie babes are known for. Like a salty Bondi breeze. The Journal Beauty Editor Mikele Simone chats with cool kid slash session legend, Madison Voloshin on 5 easy steps to achieving easy, effortless hair.

  1. Begin with air-dried clean hair. Ideally this look works best on hair that has been washed the night before as some of the natural oils will help create a more effortless feel.
  2. Apply R+Co Aircraft Mousse to the roots and mid lengths to create a strong foundation and to amplify natural volume and texture. Then apply R+Co Tinsel Oil to the ends of the hair – this will smooth out any frizz and also conceal any split ends.
  3. Using a hairdryer, rough dry with your hands creating movement and volume closer to the head. Continue until the hair is 100% dry. Then, smooth out the ends using a large round brush and focusing on the very ends to help tame any tattiness.
  4. Following the natural wave of the hair, take random sections and with a 1.5 inch curling iron, create a bend (not a curl!) with a focus on mid-lengths and ends. This will define a slight, natural movement.
  5. Finally, use your fingers to tousle hair for an undone look – relaxing any of the movement created from the curling iron. If further hold is required use R+Co Outer Space Light hairspray