Innovation, inspiration and collaboration perfectly summarise the recent F.A.M.E Team trip to Adelaide. 

Truly an unforgettable experience for the 2021 F.A.M.E Team – comprised of Eunji Kim, Becc Snow, Josh Congreve, Elyse Louise Sprott – there was never a dull moment in their three day intensive experience.

“The most special part of my FAME Team journey so far has been really bonding with my teammates and my mentors,” says Elyse, of her time in the time to date. “I think it’s also the little bits of conversation in between the big events day to day, where you get little gold nuggets of information that you can really hold onto and will last forever.”

Becc echoes this sentiment. “You get to learn so much in such a short amount of time, and get to connect with such an amazing group of like-minded creatives also.”

From spending the morning being mentored by the legendary Damian Rinaldo at his Boris the Cuttery salon to a visit to evo HQ where the team were treated to a personal tour and in-depth product knowledge education, each second of the trip was an enriching experience for the talented troupe that culminated in their final full day shoot. 

This hands on experience at the shoot is vital within the experience, as it allows our talents to add skills to their dossier that they were yet to experience within their professional pathways. For Eunji, it’s exposure to different hair types that has been a massive learning experience for her. “One thing that I have learned throughout this FAME Team experience is dealing with afro hair and natural texture,” she explains.

For those thinking of entering this year, Josh advises completely embracing your individuality and allowing that to shine in your submission. “Be unapologetically YOU,” he says. “Don’t be afraid to be yourself and let your real, true self shine… You will not falter.”

Get your daily dose of good vibes as we take you behind the scenes of the full day photoshoot below that tied together all elements of their trip to SA! 

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Creative Director- Lauren McCowan

Photographer- Tim Ashton

Hair Mentor- Damien Rinaldo

Fame Team- Eunji Kim, Becc Snow, Josh Congreve, Elyse Louise Sprott

Stylist- Cimon Vozzi

Makeup- Samantha Vlassis

Videographer- Aidan McCowan

Sponsors- Dyson, evo, Joico, Seamless 1