dyson-flyaway-attachment dyson-flyaway-attachment

A salon-quality finish every day is now a reality, thanks to Dyson’s latest innovation.

The new Dyson Supersonic™ Flyaway attachment promises to eradicate those pesky flyaways with ease and allow a stylist’s work to remain looking its absolute best each and every day.

How does the attachment work, exactly? Through cleverly harnessing the Coanda effect (first engineered for styling within the Dyson Airwrap ), the Flyaway attachment attracts and lifts longer hairs whilst simultaneously pushing flyaways underneath and out of sight.

By cleverly hiding these flyaways, natural shine is enhanced and strand alignment increased. The new Dyson Supersonic Flyaway attachment is 1 of 5 attachments to the Dyson Supersonic, engineered for versatility and every hair type.

A real game changer according to Dyson Styling Ambassador (and industry legend!) Renya Xydis, she explains how this attachment is of equal value to both stylist and client. “Dyson’s new Flyaway Attachment will make it  so much easier to achieve salon standard smoothness, banishing the frustration of flyaways.

“It’s also light in the wrist and, when you do 10-12 blow dries a day, it’s a game changer. It’s what the industry has been waiting for.” 

And it wouldn’t be a Dyson release without some seriously impressive technology backing it every step of the way. When Dyson’s engineers rethought the Coanda effect they had discovered in their creation of the Airwrap, they came to the realisation that flyaways can be tamed with airflow alone. This discovery means that one needn’t sacrifice hair health in pursuit of a smooth, sleek finish.

“The Coanda effect intelligently hides unwanted flyaways without extreme heat delivering the most beautiful shine and texture.”

Renya Xydis, Dyson Styling Ambassador.

dyson-flyaway-attachment dyson-flyaway-attachment

“I love how Dyson engineers continue to prioritise the integrity of the hair allowing clients to recreate their stylist’s technique with ease,” continues Renya. 

Dyson’s Hair Care Category Director Emma Sheldon elaborates on this point. “Our engineers are driven to rethink convention and our obsession with airflow led us to push the potential of Coanda after observing how stylists use a ‘brush and blow dryer’ technique to smooth flyaways,” she explains. 

“Traditionally, this skilled technique involves the stylist using a round brush to section and manage the hair, whilst directing airflow from the dryer to push the flyaways into  the style and out of sight. We set out to find a way to mechanise this method.”

Once again the clever Dyson team have answered the prayers of both stylist and client through industry-leading technology that’s easy to use … And, let’s face it, looks pretty slick too. Farewell, flyaways, we’re heralding in the era of salon perfect strands everyday.

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