Mark your calendars Sydney siders; Banksy is coming to town.

Unrivalled in the street art world, Banksy burst onto the scene like a masked crusader in the night, rising to international infamy with his viral street art.

The mammoth curation of works, the world’s largest touring collection no less, will open in Sydney this year with 80 original works including Girl With Red Balloon, Flower Thrower and Rude Copper.

In keeping with the rebellious nature of the artist himself, The Art of Banksy was technically not authorised by the artist himself but rather curated by his ex-manager and photographer, Steve Lazarides. 

Canvasses, screen prints and sculptures, oh my!

The collection includes a number of privately owned pieces created by the mysterious artist. With creations collected from the late 90s to late noughties, you can witness up close and personal the genius in the making, and his development from unknown to a household name. 

The faceless artist is shrouded in a veil of anonymity; his identity remaining one of the worlds biggest and most contended secrets.

The art world’s chief enigma, Banksy’s use of his graffiti-influenced stencils to make political statements have made him an infamous icon. 

Discover the perpetual mystery that is The Art of Bansky this September at Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park.  

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