L’Oréal Paris hosted an intimate product launch and interview panel inside Sydney’s Reign at QVB.

This week, beauty giants L’Oréal Paris hosted an assemblage of influencers, beauty media and local ambassadors for an intimate product launch and live women’s panel; a thought provoking celebration of self empowerment drawing cues from the brand’s iconic tagline, Because You’re Worth It.

Fondly titled ‘Why You’re Worth it’, the panel welcomed L’Oréal ambassadors Rachael Finch, Melanie Vallejo and Dami Im for an afternoon of inspiration and conversation, centred upon each woman’s experience of the brand’s philosophy and their personal journeys towards self love and acceptance.

Inside the ever-palatial Reign at the QVB (amidst the backdrop of Sydney’s bustling CBD, no less) each speaker shared an array of personal anecdotes and thoughtful insights, reflecting on such universally relevant themes as trust, confidence and empowerment in an evolving social landscape.

Themes, or rather qualities, synonymous with the L’Oréal Paris name; a brand that has never wavered in its efforts to champion diversity, confidence and an exploration of self-hood through beauty, for over 100 years and counting.

“There are specific life events or milestones where I feel a greater sense of empowerment, however day to day life brings on a sense of empowerment for me by being able to choose where I live, what I do for work or the products I use” said panel moderator and former Miss Australia, Rachael Finch.

An advocate for wholistic health, clean living and of course, inner beauty, Rachel added, “L’Oréal have been celebrating these beautiful themes of trust, confidence and empowerment for over 100 years. Why are we doing it? Because we can, because it feels good… and because we’re all worth it!”

Speaking to her role as a L’Oréal Paris True Match Ambassador, Korean-Australian singer Dami Im shared; “Growing up, I could never find the right (foundation) shade for my skin tone. L’Oréal carries so many different shades and colours, caters to different age-groups and skin types, [and maintains] an affordable price point.”

“I love what L’Oréal stands for. It’s a trusted brand with [an extensive] history; a brand I’ve always loved!” Commenting further on the importance of trust, she continued, “I haven’t always trusted my inner voice. [It’s taken time] to trust my own decisions; to take back control. Regardless of the outcome, I still own it, which is in itself satisfying.”

Echoing Dami’s sentiments, actress Melanie Vallejo shared; “L’Oréal is a brand thats truly for everyone – different ages, different faces – everyone is celebrated. I’m proud to be a face for the L’Oréal Paris Elvive collection which works perfectly for me, as I typically have no time to get ready and beautify myself!”

Besides having evidently won the genetic lottery (as is also the case for Rachael and Dami…), Melanie’s key tip for enhancing her luscious mane is a simple one. “I’m forever multitasking… or trying to steal a quick five minutes in the bathroom for a hair mask. I did one last night!” The results speak for themselves.

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