Monique McMahon and Devyn Pennell joining forces to deliver an unforgettable day of education under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Can you name a more iconic trio?

Welcome to the NEW ERA of education. Attendees were treated to an absolute masterclass covering off all things colour, styling, socials, brand and business with two of the most engaging educators on the circuit. 

Missed out on attending NEW ERA? Fear not! Monique McMahon and Devyn Pennell take you inside the unforgettable masterclass that was, right here. 


TJ: Can you chat us through your experiences at NEW ERA, and what the crowds were treated to?

MM: This was an epic two days of colour styling and brand building in the most iconic setting on Sydney Harbour. With 9 models showcased from start to finish, the focus was on the trends for 2024 and viral videos across TikTok and Instagram from both Devyn and me.

Coffee carts and blue skies with the Harbour Bridge as a backdrop, nothing about this event was understated. Two massive, full-screen monitors brought that 360-degree feeling to all attendees, making sure everyone could see even the smallest details created by us on stage. The livestream experience was just as incredible, with our AV team on stage amongst the models and artists capturing all the techniques close-up, the formulas we shared and the results over the two days. The beautiful lunch boxes were a crowd-pleaser, but when the music went up and the finished models came out, it was time to mingle at the final hour. It was wild. 

DP: My experience with NEW ERA was incredible! I loved hearing everyone’s questions along with their attentiveness 

TJ: What are the top takeaways from each of your sessions?

MM: There were so many! I’d say my top takeaways however would have been creating viral videos, upcoming colour trends in 2024, salon-ready colour techniques, pin-set blowouts, building your brand and who to align with.

DP: My top takeaways was realizing that education is so crucial in order to take the next step in your career. 

TJ: Social media is such a crucial part of your respective businesses. How did this come to be, and what has social media done for your business?

MM: This was a big topic on the weekend and we shared our formulas for success on socials. We love the power of social media and look at it as a love job every day.  

DP: Social media has propelled my success and allowed me to build my clientele quickly and opened up doors with brands that I’ve dreamed of working with. 

TJ: How can salons maximise their presence on social media?

MM: Just do it and be authentically you all the way. Have fun and put out what you love. 

DP: By showing more about the stylists and their space! If you’re looking to get more traffic into your salon the first thing you need to focus on is showcasing your space and talent within. 

TJ: What are the top mistakes you see from salons on social media?

MM: The big one is not being clear on who or what your personal and business brand is – your content should be in alignment with your core brand values. That way you attract a clientele who connects with who you and your team are, your work and your values. They know what they’ll get when they walk into your salon. 

DP: Forgetting to post about the space, the little details that help you to stand out and your stylists’ faces. Guests want to see the vibe, space, and talent before they book an appointment. Your social media is the first place to hook a client in! 

TJ: What can we expect to see from you both in 2024?

MM: More of what I love. Get ready!

DP: Lots more education on my online education platform, Braggn University. I will also be opening up a micro salon in Texas so stay tuned for lots of behind the scenes.