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Presented by M DIVISION, COLOR WOW, and HAIRCARE GROUP, CHRIS APPLETON LIVE IN SYDNEY saw 300 excited attendees descend on The Ivy in Sydney for a day of extraordinary insights, innovative techniques and more than a few laughs at international superstar Chris Appleton’s unforgettable live event.

Chris Appleton, the world-renowned hair talent who has graced the heads of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, brought his exceptional skills to Sydney for the first time. With a reputation spanning from Los Angeles to New York and from London to Paris, he showcased his ability to create exceptional glam and event hair under the most extreme pressure cooker situations.

The full-day “Look n Learn” event was a transformative experience for all participants. Chris Appleton’s captivating talent, infectious inspiration, and unique approach to life and work left attendees in awe. 


The event featured three complete and relatable looks, each accompanied by interactive Q&A sessions, ensuring that participants left with actionable insights for their own work, whether in salons, editorial, or special events:

Look 1: Chris’s expertise in crafting snatched hair and his renowned power ponytails were unveiled, providing attendees with invaluable knowledge about placement, extensions, product application, and securing the final look for a flawless and red-carpet ready finish.

Look 2: An easy in-demand look that is gaining more traction with his clientele, Chris recreated the Kim K Met Gala Wet Look, and from here transformed this into a Bella Hadid inspired wet look bun. 

Look 3: To finish off the Look and Learns for the day, Chris shared his experience creating JLo’s hair look for the Super Bowl – in which he accidentally created his method for her now infamous Bombshell Blow Dry, proving sometimes the best results come when you least expect.


After lunch the day then went beyond practical demonstrations with Chris Appleton engaging in an in-depth interview with M DIVISION’s David Mannah, providing attendees with a rare and intimate glimpse into Chris’s world and the journey that led him to the pinnacle of his profession. 

His wisdom and skills left a lasting impact, offering a fresh perspective on life and work. A UK FAME Team alumni, Chris also reflected on his own experience within this and how it assisted him in building his future hugely successful career. “There’s only four people selected to be a part of FAME Team each year, and it really was a game changer. It was a huge eye opener to the industry with some of the best people in the industry, and really provided the best opportunities – to work with people that I looked up to, ask the questions, learn different techniques and spend time one-on-one learning from the best. To anyone that wants to explore more of the industry, go for it. It’s a real game changer.

“No one’s gonna come and tap you on the shoulder and give you success – whatever that is. It’s all building blocks.” 

Highly sought after by some of the biggest names in music, entertainment, fashion, and advertising for his original and outstanding work, there can be no doubt that Chris Appleton LIVE IN SYDNEY was the unmissable educational event of the year.

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