Emiliano Vitale Presents Robert Lobetta and Benni Tognini

The New Zealand hairdressing community was spoilt with the highest calibre of hairdressers touching down and presenting a highly anticipated show and interactive workshop, on Sunday 7th & Monday 8th September. On the first day, é SALON’s Emiliano Vitale presented Robert Lobetta, who treated the audience to ‘Almost Famous’ a mesmerising journey into his creative mind, sharing his unique approach to the creative process and his incredible journey throughout his illustrious career. The iconic hairdresser presented a visual journey of his early work, right the way through to his current work encompassing his time with Sebastian, his early editorial career up to his current passion – Contemporary Art and collaboration. “It was a unique opportunity for the audience to learn what it takes to be creative and the space you must be in to encourage and nurture that creativity, from the man who truly changed the creative path for millions of hairdressers around the world,” says Emiliano.

Robert Lobetta’s story is full of twists and turns. He has a profound respect for the art and craft of his profession and is renowned for his unique style, his eye for detail, and his compelling, thought-provoking, modern and daring photographic imagery. “The industry has given me a lot, a life filled with successes and failures, opportunities, and adventures. I’m full of gratitude. Now I want to give back. What is the point of all this experience unless I can pay it forward?” Says Robert. “Staying true to your identity will help you to unlock the door to your future, and to understand the importance of being famous for more than 15 minutes.”

Day 2’s interactive workshop welcomed back to the stage Robert, this time joined by Emiliano with special guest Benni Tognini making an appearance. The exclusive workshop saw the talented trio present on three topics intensely important to the salon business and the creative process including branding, creative strategy and approach to haircutting: a truly unforgettable educational experience with some of the industry’s greatest.


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