Forever nailing modern concepts and creative mastery for hair that sells both product and professional, ELEVEN step it up in 2021 with new campaign, PEOPLE.

And of course, the usual visionaries are at the helm, Co-Creative Director’s Joey Scandizzo and Andrew O’Toole.

“The PEOPLE campaign is a reflection of our current moment and is fundamentally a product of what the world is going through right now. Having spent more of our time at home last year than ever before, the need for physical connection with people (not just digitally) is what everyone (including Joey and I) are craving – the campaign set became a scene of young friends having fun, laughing and being playful. It’s our message of spreading happiness, letting your hair down and having fun,” says Andrew.

The image series projects the expected clash of colour, texture and modernity: A fresh mood hitting the aspiration button with force while channeling the fun and freedom we’re all focused on right now.

“I always love campaign time because it enables me to work with lots of hair texture and play around with different finishes. It really gives me the opportunity to showcase our products, what they’re designed to do … and perform!” says Joey.

Perform they have.

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