Owning our second digital cover for 2021 is, well, us.  A creative flex harnessing the skills and strategy of the M DIVISION team, ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST plays to no product, gender or season. Simply a creative collaboration between the friends and colleagues of The content series also indicative of a fresh new format and serious set of standards to shape THE JOURNAL magazine in 2021, launching in September.

For more information on M DIVISION and our capacity as a creative agency, check us out here,

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Letting loose in the land of plenty.

LHS Shot 1: Route 66 Hat, sunglasses and boots + Depop vest and shorts + model’s own jewellery

LHS Shot 2: Route 66 hat, sunglasses, pants and boots + Kot-J vest + model’s own jewellery

LHS Shot 4: Route 66 hat, shirt, pants and belt + stylist’s own jewellery

LHS Shot 7:  Route 66 hat and jeans + Kot-J vest + Reliquia earring + stylist’s own necklaces

LHS Shot 8 Route 66 hair and shirt + Josie Stardust broach

LHS Shot 9: Rout 66 full look

LHS Shot 10: Route 66 hat and bolo tie + Josie Stardust shirt + model’s own necklace

RHS Shot 1: Kot-J hat + Route 66 boots and bolo tie + H Brand coat and jacket + ASOS 3-piece suit + Josie Stardust bandana