MARC JACOBS has launched a limited-edition series of their bestselling fragrance, Daisy.

Each with their own, subtle nuances sent for the sun, together they capture the airy essence of nature and innocence of spring – a seasonal twist on the classic Daisy scents. Within each bottle is an unexpected green ingredient with a feminine burst of pink – a delicate yet refreshing balance that transports the wearer to an idyllic world of blooming, you guess it, daisies and lush greenery.

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A fragrance profile for all women.

The Signature Limited Edition fragrance invites bursts of pink rosebuds and rosewood blossom for a fancy-fresh feeling of elegance, while green cardamom adds a spicy texture to take it from day to night.

The Daze Limited Edition profiles delicate pink peony wrapped in the sweet and creamy smoothness of fig and fig milk for a subtle seduction of the senses, while the Eau So Fresh Limited Edition gathers the soft spice of green tea blossom and matcha for a sense of comforting freshness – all complimented by a bright burst of pink pepper.

A fragrance profile for all women.

Available from Myer and David Jones from February 21st, 2021.