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Stronger locks after just one night are now possible thanks to Aveda’s brand new Botanica Repair Strengthening Overnight serum!

Absorbed quickly into cortex strengthening hair from the inside out, the lightweight serum promises to repair hair on all three layers and reduce split ends by 84%, with an invisible veil over each strand minimising friction and preventing damage as you sleep. Remember your old dreamcatcher? Think of this as a real life solution for your hair.

As always, this exciting new release is powered by plants  and promises to rehabilitate hair overnight. Ingredients within the serum include a bond-building plant molecule that acts to build new hydrogen bonds deep in the hair’s cortex, a nourishing macro green blend that replenishes the essentials of healthy hair and assists in preventing breakage, a plant-based complex creating an invisible botanical outer layer protecting hair from future damage and nangai oil which will fight split ends and bring them back together. 

This potent potion from eco-chic Aveda is set to be one heavy hitter in an already impressive line-up of products. To celebrate the exciting release, top tier influencers and beauty experts were invited to exclusively experience the Aveda Botanical Repair Hair spa. Guests were treated to an afternoon of pampering and delight where they were treated to the entire Aveda experience – finished off, of course! – with the new Overnight serum.

Hosted by Aveda’s artistic hair lead Mathew Wickham, who was on hand to attend to each guest personally, also put his Aveda expertise to good use by educating guests on Aveda’s brand philosophy and heritage while performing Aveda’s signature stress-relieving hand ritual. 

Step inside this exclusive event here, and take an up close look at this new release from Aveda. For more information on the Aveda range, click here.