Australian Hairdressing Icons Make Some Noise in Taipei!

In early July, Australian hairdressers & Ssh! Creators Benni Tognini and Emiliano Vitale, took to the stage in Taipei to be a part of the NOISE phenomenon that has swept the globe. In an unprecedented request for the creative duo, NOISE founder & ubiquitous global industry luminary Richard Ashforth asked that Benni & Emiliano take to the stage together as a pair.

Says Benni, “Emiliano & I had travelled to Taipei earlier in the year as we are looking to expand Ssh! and Asia is a perfect setting for the concept. With Richard’s invitation it allowed us to present our own version of Ssh! for NOISE, introduced as ‘Team Ssh’!”

Described as an explosive new approach to hairdressing that fuses hair & art, NOISE is a guerilla, underground movement which gives a younger audience of hairdressers access to creative education in an environment similar to that of a concert.

Presenting to an audience of over 1200 eager Taiwanese hairdressers, Benni & Emiliano chose to execute what they are both renowned for; Benni’s work was super creative with a nod to avant garde, pushing the boundaries and encouraging the audience to really think outside the box, whilst Emiliano’s presentation included bald women with the thread of lace and wonderland, reminiscent of the 2015 Ssh! concept presented by é SALON.

According to Emiliano, “Working on NOISE Taipei and working with the best artists in the world was an incredible experience! You get inspired challenged, questioning your work and direction. But no matter what happens when you’re in this environment you get lifted by those around you. It’s like you become infected by this creative energy that gives your hands a sense of magic. It’s one of best feelings in the world.”

In addition to the NOISE show, our creative maestros also intrigued and enthralled the Masterclass audience, with Emiliano and Benni completing haircuts quintessentially identifiable to each artist, and Benni presenting an additional incredibly executed Tognini creation.

“To work alongside SACO, Xpresion, Peter Gray, Eros and Debut was stimulating and mind-blowing; so much creative genius and talent in one place – it was just incredible. We are definitely looking forward to bringing the same amount of talent, imagination, ingenuity and inventiveness to Australia for Ssh! 2016,” says Emiliano.

– TJ