Angelo Seminara wins 2016 British Hairdresser of the Year

The ceremony on 28 November at Grosvenor House in London saw the awarding of the 2016 prizes of the British Hairdressing Award, the annual competition organised by the magazine Hairdresser Journal with the participation of top representatives from the UK hairstyling world. A great success for Davines Artistic Director, Angelo Seminara, who was the winner of this prestigious award received from the hands of Jayne Lewis-Orr, Publishing Director di Hairdresser Journal. This top level award puts Angelo Seminara and his talent in the centre of the style scenario once again.

The British competition, was born to identify and celebrate the best vanguard hairdressers, able to go beyond the boundaries of creativity, raise the level of stylistic excellence and become real trendsetters, has awarded for the fourth time the inspiration of Angelo Seminara, confirming the results of his uncommon talent and technical skills oriented towards experimentation driven by natural harmony.

These results catch the eye in each shot from Angelo’s portfolio and the Davines collections signed by him, where shapes and colour beyond any stylistic prejudice are mixed together. His careful creative research combined with his charisma and his deep knowleged of hairstyling, have made Seminara a celebrity of the fashion world in constant contact with leading stylists and show-business stars.

The Hairdresser Journal award thus celebrates the twofold ambition of the stylist, i.e. creating looks in harmony with the unique beauty of every woman and producing images of striking visual impact, capable of influencing taste and giving birth to further inspiration in the world of hairdressing and fashion.

– TJ