Boasting 25 branches, five manufacturing plants and distribution in over 100 countries, ALFAPARF MILANO certainly requires very little introduction.

With the focus on delivering top-quality, highly effective and user friendly tools to salon floors across the globe, the ALFAPARF MILANO team know all too well what makes our unique industry such a special one.

They are all too familiar with that one particular element that stands head and shoulders (pardon the pun) above all others when it comes to hairdressing… Relationships. ALFAPARF MILANO General Manager Anthony Nasso and National Creative Director/Brand Ambassador Bill Tsiknaris recently sat down with David Mannah to chat through the importance of the relationship between brand and salon, and how they have really perfected this all-important connection.

The brainchild of Roberto Franchina, who remains the group’s president to this day, ALFAPARF MILANO was born in 1980 and has achieved incredible international stardom on the world stage in this short time. “It’s quite a young company, if you compare it to many of the other multinationals in the market,” says Anthony.

For Bill, working with ALFAPARF MILANO brings to life that relationships piece and how it can truly elevate ones chosen craft. “I love working with people close to my heart… For Tsiknaris Hair, we’ve been around for decades and I think we’ve had our fair share of working with product companies.

“Having ALFAPARF on board has been a beautiful thing because (ALFAPARF MILANO Australia’s General Manager) Anthony has got so much history. That’s very rare, and to be able to do business with someone like that really supports us and helps us in moving forward to where we want to go.”

Be sure to check out Part 1 of the full chat with David, Anthony and Bill below!