Enter Lakmé TEKNIA; a new range of organic, vegan and eco-friendly haircare staples designed with sustainability, user experience… and beautiful hair front of mind.

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Introducing Lakmé TEKNIA: An all-natural, salon exclusive range of haircare staples designed to inspire conscious beauty.

There’s no question about it. The last few years have seen conscious beauty flourish; evolving from a mass cited (albeit seldom understood) buzzword into a fully-fledged global movement. And in the grander scheme of things? We’re all the better for it.

With hairdressing professionals – and conscientious consumers alike – making more informed, eco-friendly choices on the haircare front and beyond, it would seem only fitting thus for product companies to rise to the occasion. A pursuit echoed wholeheartedly throughout Lakmé’s latest brand iteration.

Ever the warriors for clean living: Lakmé this year unveiled a new and timely portfolio, developed to both mobilise and amplify the conscious beauty cause. Lakmé TEKNIA; a diverse range of organic, vegan and eco-friendly haircare staples designed with sustainability, user experience and (of course) beautiful hair front of mind.

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Each TEKNIA product is custom formulated with eco-friendly, organically sourced ingredients, all of which comply with ECOCERT Greenlife natural and organic cosmetics standards. Ingredient extraction methods geared to minimise environmental impact and preserve natural resources.

A curation of nine bespoke segments each targeting a specific hair type/and or concern; the hotly anticipated range was conceived to ‘inspire true beauty rituals and experiences’, providing effective, earth-friendly solutions for all hair types while reinforcing the importance of haircare as a crucial component of our self-care schedules.

All natural, organically sourced and comprised solely of vegan ingredients; products in the Lakmé TEKNIA range boast a stimulating fragrance (enhanced with nourishing essential oils) and wholly intermixable formulas, allowing stylists to design a customised haircare ritual to suit their clients’ respective needs and concerns.

Beginning with a sensory, salon experience (emphasis on the experience), clients can enjoy a range of customisable haircare rituals before continuing their indulgence in the comfort of their homes, with a suite of professionally prescribed retail offerings: from tailored shampoo and conditioner duos through to oils and treatments.

“Caring for your hair and boosting its natural beauty with organic cosmetic products has become a life philosophy,” shares National Education Manager for Haircare Australia, Deborah French. “Professionals and consumers are moving away from complexity, opting instead for natural and sustainable product offerings.”

TEKNIA Rituals: 

The TEKNIA range is completely intermixable, allowing you to build a customised ritual to suit your clients’ specific needs – starting with an in-salon service, and followed by a range of take-home retail products to maintain salon benefits in their everyday lives. TEKNIA Rituals are easily integrated into your salons’ treatment menu.

“Hair requires delicate, daily care to maintain its original condition, and to keep it healthy and beautiful,” she continues. “The TEKNIA Treatment Rituals were created to support diverse lifestyles. Once a diagnostic service in the salon is delivered, a bespoke ritual is prescribed to address each clients’ specific hair and scalp concerns.”

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Teknia have designed four rituals addressing common lifestyle concerns for ease of use and recommendation:

The Urban Ritual: The perfect option for busy city-dwellers in search of detoxification. Starting with a refreshing hit of caraway oil, the Urban Ritual welcomes notes of bergamot and the purifying fragrance of eucalyptus. The result: detoxed, volumised and hydrated strands – regardless of the setting.

The Sports Ritual works to renew hair and/or strands exposed to humidity, wind or chlorine. With its delicate floral fragrance (thanks to a fusion of wild herb notes, geranium and petitgrain essential oils), the Sports Ritual offers a feeling of well-being – for healthy, hydrated hair that shines amid all elements.

For those with colour treated hair, the Colour Fans Ritual welcomes a captivating, soft and sweet sensory experience – with sage essential oils blending effortlessly with inviting floral scents and notes of vanilla to create the ultimate feel good ritual. Hair is left shinier – with colour visibly maintained and strands less prone to damage.

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Likewise, blonde clients can benefit from the Blonde Lovers Ritual for healthy, shiny hair and refreshed colour… minus that all too dreaded brassiness. With a fresh green and citric opening aroma, the Blonde Lovers Ritual offers fruity notes and a soft floral touch, reinvigorating clients with refreshing lemon essential oil.

“The beauty of the TEKNIA Ritual Treatments lies in their accessibility,” says Deborah. “Each has been designed for the experience; for those in need of a time-out or pampering… through to those who are time poor or living busy lifestyles and can benefit from enjoying their regime in the comfort of their own homes.”


Fortifying the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility, Lakmé continues to adhere to sustainable business practices: from design, distribution and production processes all the way through to packaging. In fact, all of TEKNIA’s packaging is 100% recyclable, eco-friendly and comprised of recycled or sustainably sourced materials.

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Products are made inside Lakmé’s sustainable production facilities; with such practices as ‘cold production processing’ employed to ensure a 27% saving on time and energy. Likewise, the facility uses solar panels for reduced energy consumption, also engaging in rigorous water saving and waste management measures.

And that’s just the beginning. Armed with an outstanding product suite, a desire for global change and an overarching emphasis on transparency, responsibility and sustainable product development, Lakmé’s latest offering looks set to lead the charge; inspiring conscious beauty one reliable (and recyclable) product at a time.

More than just a range – it’s a life philosophy. And we want in.

For more information, or to become a Lakmé stockist visit: haircareaust.com/our-brands/lakme.html or contact Haircare Australia on 1300 437 436 or sales@haircareaust.com.