Vivienne Mackinder Joins Joico as Guest Artistic Director



As of January 2017, the ever-talented Vivienne Mackinder is joining JOICO, in what is a truly JOI-ful decision by both to partner. Joico, in announcing Mackinder as their Guest Artistic Director, has truly tapped a powerhouse of skill and expertise with a flair for real artistry. A force to be reckoned with in the professional hair industry, few professional hairstylists would be hard-pressed to not, at the very least know of (if not actually have experienced) one of her many seminars, classes, video how-to’s, or stage presentations around the globe and online, or learned from her one-on-one!

Tracing her start back to the London College of Fashion, Mackinder has had a career filled with what to most artists would make up a truly dream-fantasy career. Capturing it in words now, pays it little justice. Try as you might to follow a recap of her career without some envy, any artist will find it hard not to imagine just how awe-inspiring even a highly abridged timeline of her curriculum vitae is. Here’s just a snippet of a long list of accomplishments:


After her schooling she worked for Vidal Sasoon– but that wasn’t good enough, she soon became his artistic director

She landed her next gig with… (pause for effect) oh, none other than Trevor Sorbie, where shebecame his international creative director to boot (second pause for incredulous moment of OMG-ness) and then she crossed the pond to form an American Art Team; thus finding her new home-base

Her talent has been seen on the runaway for Vivienne Westwood, VH1 and MTV awards, and at Paris, London and New York fashion weeks

She’s an astonishing, SEVEN-TIME WINNERof the North American Hairdresser Awards including the life-time achievement award


…Is it any wonder professionals look at her in… well, wonder?

Excited about this partnership with Joico, Mackinder loves the brand’s history in creating innovative products and product technologies, and says about her anticipated compelling cooperation with the brand:

I have long admired Joico the company and brand, and it is a delight that I have been invited to play alongside such talented artists and professionals. I love their vision for 2017 about putting the joy into our work, from 5-star consultations to creating total beauty behind the chair. I just shot a collection working with the vast array of Joico colors and styling products and discovered the diversity and creativity of Joico. We have some amazing projects planned for 2017… buckle your seatbelts we are going for a joy ride!

– Vivienne Mackinder


Sara Jones, Senior VP and General Manager for Joico expressed her admiration and outlook in anticipation of Mackinder’s arrival to the Joico family:

I have been a great admirer of Vivienne as far back as the early 90’s when I was fortunate enough to work with her. She is one of the most creative leaders in our industry who continually remains fresh and current with fashion and culture trends. We are very excited to tap into Vivienne’s artistry and passion for our industry as we develop Joico’s global leadership position.

Through her role as Guest Artistic Director, Mackinder will develop and teach the techniques behind creative elements in Joico’s educational repertoire and help drive the professional creative vision presented to artists. In conjunction with new product development and R&D, to communications and market, as well as education and mentorship – they will all together create, as well as execute and propel the Joico vision forward, toward new innovations in technology, user-experience and education for the professional hairstylist.

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– TJ