Embodying the perfect fusion of science and nature, Vegamour’s 100 percent vegan lineup offers customers an extraordinary range of hair treatments that not only prioritize the overall health of the follicular ecosystem but also create a nurturing environment for natural hair growth to thrive.

The ultimate mission? To tackle both the visible symptoms and the root causes of hair damage, thinning, and loss, establishing a harmonious hair and scalp ecosystem that radiates vitality.

Here, we get to the root of hair health – literally – with Founder Dan Hodgson following Vegamour’s Australian launch and chat all things scalp care.

TJM: Vegamour prioritises hair wellness. Can you unpack this as a brand ethos a little more?

DH: VEGAMOUR’s entire approach to hair wellness is inspired by nature. I’d long observed that nothing in nature grows in a vacuum – you need the right kind of soil (correct nitrogen and PH levels) the right temperatures, the required amount of sunlight, the right amount of water, etc.) for plants to grow healthily & well.  Therefore it seemed obvious that the only effective approach to healthy hair was a holistic one that addressed the underlying root causes of common hair concerns with clinically proven, plant-based actives  in order to support a verdant hair ecosystem in which hair can truly thrive.

TJM: What are the origins of Vegamour?

DH: I created Vegamour to prove that high-performance plant actives could outperform commonly used synthetic chemicals that often produce harmful side effects.  One of the frustrations I experienced early on was that the vast majority of products on the market were only interested in the marketing story these actives provided. Rather than use them in their formulations at levels in which they actually could have an impact, they often would use less than 1%. 

TJM: Can you chat us through the importance of scalp care in promoting healthy hair?

DH: Healthy hair requires a healthy scalp, and how you treat your scalp will determine how healthy your hair will be.  But scalp care goes far beyond hair health.  As your scalp is 4 x more absorbent than the skin on any other part of your body, whatever you put onto it stands a good chance of being absorbed into your bloodstream.

Therefore, it’s important to avoid products that may cause irritation and inflammatory conditions in the scalp that may lead to early shedding and follicular miniaturization in addition to blocking healthy sebum production.

TJM: What are the hero products in the range?

DH: By far, our most beloved and best-selling product is our GRO Hair Serum (one bottle is sold every 15 seconds!).  It’s been a true game-changer for millions of women around the world – the reviews, before & after photos and testimonials we receive daily from our customers is truly inspiring!

I also love our GRO Revitalizing Shampoo + Conditioner – once people try these products for the first time, it’s hard to use anything else.  Oh, and our scalp massager is so popular!

TJM: What advice would you give in promoting hair wellness as we move into the colder months?

DH: The most important thing is to stick with your regimen to receive the most optimal results. Whether you’re massaging a topical growth serum into your scalp every night or washing our biotin gummies down every morning, you have to be consistent.

Oh and for the colder months, if your hair is becoming dry, you can also use our HYDR-8 mask to boost moisture by up to 15x after your GRO Shampoo and Conditioner routine.

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