Angus Mitchell, a luminary in the beauty industry and co-owner of John Paul Mitchell
Systems®, passed away at age 53, leaving behind a legacy shaped by excellence, creativity,
and compassion.

The son of the legendary hairstylist Paul Mitchell, Angus inherited a deep
passion for hair fashion, which was cultivated through a unique upbringing in the industry.
This exposure, combined with his education at Vidal Sassoon, allowed him to merge the
precision of Sassoon’s techniques with the creative freedom encouraged as a global
platform artist at John Paul Mitchell Systems®, leading to the development of his distinct
signature style.
John Pizzey, CEO of 365 Salon Group, reflected on Angus’s influence: “It is with heavy
hearts that we bid farewell to Angus. A shining star in our lives and industry, gone far too
soon. For over 25 years, we’ve been honoured to partner with Angus and the esteemed
John Paul Mitchell Systems family. His passing is a profound loss to us and the community
he passionately nurtured. Angus carried the legendary legacy of the Mitchell family with
grace, making his own distinct and unforgettable impact. His love and respect for those who
supported his journey were evident in every interaction and every life he touched. We will
forever remember a man who was much more than a colleague – he will always be a
cherished family member.”
More than a stylist and platform artist, Angus was a man driven by a profound sense of
philanthropy and advocacy. His father’s passing from pancreatic cancer led him to actively
support the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN), dedicating his efforts to combat
one of the world’s most challenging cancers. Through his involvement, he significantly
contributed to research, clinical initiatives, patient services, and advocacy, demonstrating a
relentless commitment to the cause.
Beyond his contributions to healthcare, Angus was a fervent advocate for human rights,
ecological preservation, and environmental research. His generosity was exemplified in his
donation of historic coastal properties in Hawaii to the Nature Conservancy and the Edith K.
Kanaka’ole Foundation. This act of kindness was rooted in his vision for the Hawaiian
lands—a place of serenity and historical reverence where future generations could walk in
harmony with nature, and preserve the culture of their forebears.
Angus Mitchell’s passing is not just the loss of a renowned figure in the hair industry but the
departure of a compassionate soul who used his influence and resources to make a lasting
impact on the world. His memory will live on through the innovation and education he
championed at John Paul Mitchell Systems, the lives he touched through his philanthropic
work, and the pristine Hawaiian landscapes he helped preserve. His legacy is a testament to
the power of combining professional success with a deep commitment to making the world a
better place.