unwritten-app-launches unwritten-app-launches

Are you an independent hairdresser struggling to grow your business due to complex admin, cashflow headaches, and not being paid for holiday or sick leave? Look no further!

Unwritten, the world’s first FREE software and retail platform specifically designed to help sole trader hairdressers, is calling for beta testers ahead of its official March/April launch.

Unwritten has been designed and built in Australia for Australian sole trader hairdressers and their specific business needs. It’s not ‘just another appointment booking app’ as it directly solves the most stressful problems faced by independent hairdressers, such as complex admin and not being paid for holiday or sick leave, as identified by more than 80% of respondents in the 2022 Single Operator Survey conducted by the Australian Hairdressing Council.

Unwritten’s innovative App + Professional Haircare ecosystem allows independent hairdressers to increase retail profits without holding stock, earn income while they take holidays or sick leave, order and sell a range of professional brands (retail or wholesale) without leaving the App, and stop paying for software functions they never use!

Unwritten is the brainchild of two Aussie mates, Rob Aubin and Hayden Brooks, who noticed the lack of recognition that independent hairdressers were receiving as serious business professionals despite the industry’s growing trend of sole traders. With more than 20 years of experience in leading salon software and professional haircare brands, Rob and Hayden developed the seamless ecosystem of Unwritten to address the challenges faced by independent hairdressers.

The App is in the early Beta testing phase, and Unwritten is looking for independent hairdressers to sign up as Guinea Pigs ready for the main Beta release. Join the Unwritten insider community by becoming a Guinea Pig or signing up to the waitlist to be the first to know when Unwritten has officially launched.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your business and overcome the challenges of being a sole trader in the hairdressing industry. For more information on this unique offering, click here.