In case you missed it: Powerhouse trio X-Presion are hosting a global virtual event THIS SUNDAY… and we’re all invited.

Titled RESET (and aptly so given the current global context) this immersive, digital experience will span an inspired 60 minutes; uniting brands, hairdressers and media through hair, music, active meditations… and, of course, pure joy

Dubbed the ‘Biggest Show in Hairdressing History’, and for good reason, RESET culminates X-Presion’s 15 years of creativity; an effort allowing the group to share their love, dedication and hopes for the industry in a vast public setting.

“This is what we have been dedicated to for the last 15 years,” explain X-Presion. “We have delivered techniques to move our industry, and the main reward for us has always been to see how these creative seeds spread and grow in the hands of our colleagues. We are so grateful [for all that this industry has given us] and feel a responsibility to create something for all the beautiful people (from so many different cultures!) that we have met [throughout this journey]”.

A shot from TROMPE L’OEIL. View the full collection here.

As for RESET’s goal? To inspire creativity, connectivity and positivity en masse, prompting creatives far and wide to reconnect to their greater purpose, while cultivating joy in their day to day activities. An encouraging, and oh so timely message.

“It’s not pretending to be another hair show,” they continue. “It’s time for awareness; to see what we can do together. We want to change the energy we are all [experiencing] all over the world, and transform it into positive thinking. As hairdressers, we touch hair and transform the energy of our clients. This quarantine has taught us how important hairdressers are in peoples’ lives and the power we have to transform energy.”

Kicking off Sunday 18th October at 4.30pm Madrid time (that’s 1.30am for Sydney siders, 3.30pm for our friends in London and 7.30am Los Angeles time), viewers need only prep themselves, their speakers (and or headphones) and a little space for movement!

To secure your spot, visit: https://x-presion.eu/en/.

Follow: @xpresioncreativos