As with any (and all) forms of self expression… there’s no denying hair trends waver. And while a good classic will never lose its sartorial relevance, each season brings with it a new wave of time-specific staples; looks to inspire clients for the months and moments ahead. Whether you’re channeling nineties boy band or a classic fade, there’s no doubt a look to suit you (or your clients’) poison. Here, Edwards and Co’s resident men’s hair expert, Cem Gorman shares his top picks for Spring Summer 20/21. Get on it.

“This season with Men’s hair we’re seeing a lot more of a 90s vibe – a lot of longer hairstyles – anything from the sleek middle part to a longer, more textured look,” shares Cem. “Hairstyles come around the same way fashion does, it gets recycled!” For this look, Cem opted to keep strands longer, borrowing elements of the classic gelled brushback for a hint of finesse. The point where classic meets contemporary.

“During COVID, a lot of people had the chance to grow and experiment with their hair as they weren’t able to get a hair cut,” shares Cem. “This has had a massive part to play in these styles coming back in whether it be for maintenance or fashion purposes.” One such grown out look? This modern take on 90s grunge, heroing wet look curls and natural waves. Here, Cem combines Virtue Labs Un Frizz Cream and KEVIN.MURPHY’S KILLER.CURLS.

On the subject of nineties muses… this trademark trend favours a longer fringe length, framing clients’ face shape and allowing their features to do the talking. Sound familiar? It should. This look was at once most famously sported by some of Hollywood’s most in demand heartthrobs. Says Cam, “if you picture Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp in the mid-90s – it will give you an idea of the style that’s in at the moment.”

The nineties revival continues. To create the desired finish, here Cem uses KEVIN.MURPHY’s FREE.HOLD Medium Hold Styling Paste for optimum shape and a conservative hold. As for the cut? This looks highlights length at the top, with the mid to bottom sections blending into a clean fade. For extra nineties cred… comb longer sections back and allow a natural fall to maintain a middle part. Iconic.

While not exclusively a nineties trend, shaggy haircuts and messy textures are most definitely making a profound comeback, as evident in this staple men’s look. A stark (and notably more playful) contrast to the sleek brush back, this look heroes natural, lived in and effortless texture. For soft hold and maximum texture, apply a generous spritz of ELEVEN AUSTRALIA’s iconic Sea Salt Spray.