Who can believe the festive season is well and truly here, and we’re but mere weeks away from 2023? From vintage throwbacks to Y2K fever, there can be no denying that 2022 stepped it up in the hair styling stakes with more risks being taken and personality expressed than ever before.

And 2023 is looking to continue this trend. Whilst the ’00 influence that raged through the way we interpreted hair and beauty isn’t going anywhere next year, we’re going to see more ’90s supermodel influence and soft ‘7os style dictating what our clients are requesting.

From shullets to bixies and the return of ’90s glamour, we’ve rounded up our picks of the trends you’ll see your clients coveting across the next 12 months.


The Long Octopus Cut

Taking inspiration from the shape of the aquatic eight-legged creature – rounded and well shaped at the top, and then spreading out into a wispy textured length – the long octopus cut will be the cut for your more cutting edge clients.


The ’90s Supermodel Blowout

Pump up the volume and allow supermodel glamour to take center stage in 2023.


The Shullet

’90 shag meets ’80s mullet in this Miley-inspired cut that is set to make serious waves in 2023.


Mixie Cut

The lovechild of a mullet and a pixie, this cute crop is the perfect balance of delicate and edgy.


Natural Curls & Pumped Up Volume

Think disco fever, with the volume pumped way up.