There’s no denying the confidence boost of a ‘good hair’ day – yet many of us take our hair for granted. While we may not appreciate it on a daily basis, it’s easy to imagine how difficult it would be to lose your hair. TONI & GUY are launching a one-of-a-kind initiative to support clients through the emotional process of hair loss associated with cancer treatment. The Pink Scissor Program provides clients with specialised support and hairdressing services to help them transition through hair loss with dignity and compassion, ultimately helping them maintain a healthy body image throughout this challenging period.

Specially trained and experienced hair stylists known as ‘Pink Scissor Specialists’ will provide a range of complimentary services to clients who go through the Pink Scissor Program. While stylists have always worked with client’s going through chemotherapy induced hair loss, TONI & GUY have decided to formalise these unique services with the Pink Scissor Program, including specialists who are trained to handle the unique physical and emotional needs of client’s.

On the initial Pink Scissor Program visit, the Pink Scissor Specialist will provide a complimentary consultation to help minimise frustration and anxiety associated with hair loss. They will then provide a complimentary cut or shave, depending on the client’s needs.

The Pink Scissor Program will also offer a free wig touch up which includes slight adjustments to the fringe, side and back, for clients who purchase a wig from an approved supplier. Finally, the program will offer a complimentary consultation during the hair regrowth stage to keep in touch with clients. Anyone who goes through the Pink Scissor Program will receive 20% off their rst haircut afterwards.

As supporters of Look Good Feel Better and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, TONI & GUY have partnered with these charities for the Pink Scissor Program in their joint ght against cancer. Clients can also choose to support either Look Good Feel Better or the National Breast Cancer Foundation by adding $2 to their bill. Providing exclusive consultation services, a comfortable space and knowledgeable, sensitive specialists, TONI & GUY’S Pink Scissor Program is designed to ease the many challenges of hair loss during cancer treatment.

– Toni & Guy

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The Pink Scissor Program is launching in selected TONI & GUY salons nationally from 20th June. Visit for salon locations and to join the Pink Scissor Program.