With the majority of the country indoors and spending more time than ever scrolling through their social apps, inspiration is rife… Particularly in the world of hairstyle inspiration.

Call it cabin fever or – in some cases, just good old fashioned boredom – but for whatever reason, these trends tend to blow up when we’re in lockdown. Exhibit A? What we’re calling Bleach Gate 2020, when every man stuck at home seemed to be struck down with the urge to go blonde… Or, in most cases, a bright yellow.

Whilst some of the #trending styles are temporary and totally safe for trying out at home, there’s always going to be a technique or two that we predict will have some clients running to the salon as soon as they are able, tail firmly between legs.

To save you some scrolling, we’ve rounded up the good, the bad and the risky below!



You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard of the Wolf Cut by now. Popularised by Billie Eilish on her Vogue cover and now one of TikTok’s key winter trends, this shaggy cut is certainly the final word in low-maintenance cool girl style.

With over 54 million posts on TikTok demonstrating the DIY cut, there’s no doubting this is one style with legs. As is the case with any major transformation, however, one should always go to the professionals for the results they’re chasing… And we’re anticipating a few emergency salon visits once lockdown is over from victims of Wolf Cuts gone bad.


Image via @billleiismygf


Now this is one that is safe for home. It’s no secret that 2000’s trends are everywhere right now, with all your favourite A Listers and TikTokers jumping on the trend.

One low stakes – for your locks at least! – way to embrace the Y2K look are the bobble braids currently taking over TikTok. These ones are fairly self explanatory, and a great way to introduce a little nostalgia into your life.


Image via @gigihadid


Less a trend than it is an incredible #HairHack, we’re loving this one for those looking to shake up their style in an easy way… But don’t take our word for it, check out the technique right HERE!


Image via @justinemarjan.


Is it a haircut? Is it an accessory? Introducing TikTok’s favourite new micro-trend… Hair Horns!

A fairly self-explanatory term, hair horns began popping up a few months ago and denote little sprigs of hair on either side of the head styled upright in a horn formation. Worn across many a different hair style, these are great for those looking to experiment a little as – if they aren’t styled – can be blended in to the wearer’s layers.


A bold colour move that seems to resurface every couple of years, we’re looking to Emma Stone’s chic turn in Cruella for the sudden resurgence in popularity for this one. With different variations (classic black and white, or complimentary colour pairings) on the look making waves, this one is definitely not for the faint of heart and there’s a lot of room for user error… No matter now simple your favourite TiKToker makes it seem!

Our recommendation? Maybe don’t try this one at home.

Image via @beautylaunchpad.