Forget everything you know about hair renewal products, this is the new-gen version you need to know about. Enter K18 – the US innovators defining our just-dropped digital cover. 

It’s the molecular repair system making hair headlines around the globe. Just 7 months on the market, K18 renewal-focused products have landed in 100 countries and welcomed a 3000% growth rate with the promise of hair like new in just 4 minutes. There’s been awards from Elle Magazine (Elle Future of Beauty Award in Hair) and the Refinery29 (Beauty Innovator Award for Hair Treatment), plus a collective sigh of joy from global citizens at the realisation of truly unlimited hair potential.

They say science must breathe the oxygen of freedom, and so is the case with K18. The product of 10 years of complex lab research, the genesis of the brand is utterly unique – much like the humans it speaks.

“I always tell my team nature is the best designer. K18 was really born from an understanding of biology first, which is why it really works,” starts K18 Biomimetic Hairscience Co-Founder, Suveen Sahib.

“The K18 peptide was developed by applying computational models with probabilistic structure/sequence analogy used in the biotech industry to model the molecular structure of human hair … this is where our term ‘Biomimetic Hairscience’ term comes from. Biomimetics is the practice of learning from and mimicking nature.”

This means the K18 bioactive peptide is recognised as a natural building block by hair – the perfect, very welcome puzzle piece to reconnect broken keratin chains in the inner-most layers of hair, post heat and chemical services. This mimicking function enables a product that remains active in the hair after shampooing – unlike traditional bonding agents known to wash away.

And of course, there’s a big focus on the professional. Enter the K18PEPTIDE Molecular Repair Service – or your 4-minute 2-step salon service to clinically reverse hair damage. Not only a trending technician’s ticket to creative freedom, but an easy up-sell at the colour bar. First step – the K18 Professional Repair Mist, a pre-service stylist and client reset specifically engineered to make hair strong enough to withstand the inevitable damage of any chemical service. With a pH of 7.5 – 8.0, this level shifts the cuticle layer open to penetrate the cortex and deliver the K18Peptide to damage sites at a molecular level.

Next up is the aforementioned K18 Professional Repair Mask, used at the basin post-colour to repair any damage, close the cuticle (with a pH of 5.0 – 6.0) and seal in that hard-working peptide we love (operating at a molecular level to reconnect newly broken keratin chains). Designed to bring the best out of one other, the K18 Professional Repair Mist andK18 Professional Repair Mask (or Peptide Power couple) are capable of renewing hair up to 91% virgin strength and 94% virgin elasticity … can you think of one client who wouldn’t want to buy into that? Didn’t think so.

K18 asks us to live and create without boundaries. Healthy hair is born in the salon – the ultimate canvas to power your artistry.

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