The District Salon Announces Editorial Partnership with SACHAJUAN

Sachajuan Product For Social RT And LOGO

The superstar team of editorial stylists that make up Surry Hills’ District Salon have joined forces with SACHAJUAN as their newest editorial partner.The fusion of District Salon and SACHAJUAN is a cohesive fusion of innovation, style and artistry.

The District Salon in Surry Hills is the perfect blend of eclectic style, internationally recognised talent, and undone sophistication. Known for their unique location at The Stables and their celebrity-worthy editorial stylists, including Frankie Endersbee, the team is a force to be reckoned with on the global stage.

As SACHAJUAN’s Editorial Partner, Frankie has brought the perfect blend of SACHAJUAN polished vibes and the District’s earthy, high-end aesthetic to the editorial world. SACHAJUAN pride themselves on the simplicity and uniqueness of their products by using ocean silk technology to create beautiful luxurious hair.

The District super-crew have huge profiles in the editorial world, you will expect to see Stewart Foreman, Rachel Hyde, and Madison Voloshin creating fashion forward looks with SACHAJUAN.

– TJ