Shu Uemura Art of Hair has responded to the increasing demand for hair colour protection with the launch Color Lustre. Designed specifically for colour-treated hair, Color Lustre is formulated with Refining Lipid and infused with Musk Rose Oil and Goji Berry Extract to replenish hair’s natural protective varnish, limit colour fading and imbue hair with healthy radiance and shine.

To define the best way to protect hair colour, Shu Uemura reverts to its artistry-inspired heritage and draws on the ‘Art of Varnishing’: even the most beautiful paintings can lose the vitality of their colours. To keep their original intention alive, artists glaze their masterpieces with a varnish to protect their works from environmental damage. Just like a painting, hair is also vulnerable to the environment. From this traditional artist practice, Shu Uemura created the Color Lustre range, which mimics the hair’s natural protective varnish to provide ultimate protection at the surface of the hair.

During the colour process, the hair’s natural protective varnish is stripped away. Hair becomes damaged with increased porosity, is more susceptible to colour fade, feels dry and appears dull. Color Lustre is formulated with Refining Lipid to actively replenish hair’s natural protective varnish, restoring enviable lustre, smoothness and softness. The range includes also the protective properties of Musk Rose Oil with Goji Berry Extract, the most concentrated organic source of antioxidants, and together these precious ingredients help prevent oxidation and colour fade and promote high shine with bounce and vitality. Color Lustre is infused with Rose of Japan, a gentle and fresh scent created with a captivating mix of notes including mandarin, grapefruit, rose, violet, musk and vanilla.

Discussing the importance of hair colour protection Patrick Ryan from Wild Life Hair says, “If you colour your hair, selecting the correct shampoo, conditioner and styling products is critical. The new Shu Uemura Color Lustre collection, with optimised anti-oxidising ingredients, ensures maximum colour protection by varnishing your hair and prolonging the life of your colour.”

The Shu Uemura Color Lustre collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, treatment and thermo-milk and is available exclusively in Shu Uemura Art of Hair consultant salons nationwide from this month.


SHU UEMURA ART OF HAIR_Colour Lustre Brilliant Glaze Treatment Thermo-Milk