We take the time to do things like straighten our hair, do our makeup, take selfies; why not add [self-checking] into your self-care routine as well? It’s so easy to do.

Sofi Leota

Good hair heroes, ghd continue to support breast cancer charities globally with the release of their 2020 pink campaign: TAKE CONTROL NOW.

Returning for a 16th consecutive year, the annual crusade has seen over $19 million in funds raised for breast cancer charities globally, with just over $5.2 millions raised by the Australian and New Zealand contingent.

And that’s just the beginning.

This year, ghd launches their most powerful pink instalment yet, aptly titled TAKE CONTROL NOW. A timely campaign that’s aimed at reminding ALL women to self-check for signs of breast cancer, on a monthly basis.

With up to 83% of women using their hair styler at least once a month* (and 90% of women aged 18-35 checking their breasts only a few times a year** verses the recommended monthly timeframe), the pairing was a no-brainer.

As such, each tool in the 2020 pink collection comes custom embossed with the TAKE CONTROL NOW message; a subtle reminder for users (including women under 35 who don’t usually self-check) to grant their breasts ‘mirror time’, just as they do their crowning glory.

A quick, simple and necessary undertaking; one undoubtedly geared to save countless lives. And with 120,000 women under the age of 35 diagnosed with breast cancer each and every year***, the message remains a crucial one.

“I am extremely proud on behalf of ghd to celebrate the 16th anniversary of our partnership with NBCF,” shares Ludovic Dellazzeri, Managing Director of ghd Australia and New Zealand.

“Over that period, with the support of our salon partner network and other partners, ghd has raised over $5.2 million from our pink campaigns in Australia and New Zealand and $19 million globally,” he continues.

“Today, we are more committed than ever to help fight the disease with all our local partners by donating funds that go directly to prevention, assistance and research,” says Ludovic.

“Through our actions, ghd continues to support and empower women to help build back their confidence.”

Launching this July, the TAKE CONTROL NOW collection includes the award-winning ghd platinum+ styler, ghd gold® styler and the 2020 launched helios® hairdryer – all in a limited edition (and oh so chic) hue of dusty pink.

It also accompanies an inspiring campaign story designed to raise collection visibility while encouraging the importance of self-checking among all women.

Fronted by 11 dynamic muses (all of whom have been diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 35) the campaign’s message is one of hope and triumph; celebrating the female spirit of strength, resilience and survival.

One such local muse is Brisbane based Sofi Leota who, upon being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23, underwent a mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy before she was declared to be in remission from January of 2018.

A remarkable achievement.

On how Sofi discovered she was at risk of breast cancer, the new mother shares, “It wasn’t until I began all the testing after finding my lump that I realised I was very much at risk – that simply being a woman was the biggest risk factor.”

As is the case among many women under the age of 35, Sofi admits it “never crossed her mind” that she could be at a potential risk of developing breast cancer – specifically at the young age of 23.

“I wasn’t active in self-checking [and] had never self-examined my breasts – nor did I know how to do it or that it was even a thing,” she adds. “I thought it was just something you worried about when you were much older.”

On working alongside ghd to support breast cancer awareness among young women Australia and New Zealand wide, Sofi muses; “I feel very passionately about sharing my story with the world – especially with young women.”

“I [also feel so] strongly about encouraging women to self-check,” she adds.

“The team at ghd have been absolute professionals and the work that they do for breast cancer every year is applaudable,” she continues. “It’s an absolute honour to be involved in this particular campaign!”

Over the course of her breast cancer journey, Sofi found solace by chronicling her experiences, ultimately sharing her thoughts, insights and musings across a self-published blog, 23 & Breastless.

On the inspiration behind her blog, Sofi shares, “[It] was the hope of being able to help other women out there.”

“The night I was diagnosed, I was on Google trying to find something I could relate to (especially being so young),” she continues. “I eventually stumbled across somebody’s blog from the U.S. and I resonated with it so much.”

“I thought if I was able to help somebody [else] in those dark moments – like this blog helped me – I’d be so happy,” says Sofi. “I also found that when I started to write it was therapeutic for me to get those words out.”

“Any time I’d have a breakdown or a freak out, [my fiancé] Joe would tell me to go and write – and almost every time it would make me feel that little bit better.”

As a muse for ghd’s TAKE CONTROL NOW campaign, Sofi is determined to raise widespread awareness of the fact that breast cancer affects women of all ages; stressing the importance of self-checking for all women on a regular basis.

“I can not encourage [self-checking] enough!” says Sofi. “I wasn’t actively self-checking [but] accidentally felt a lump by chance. If I hadn’t, my diagnosis and treatment could have been a lot worse and more full on.”

“It’s a simple and quick way to quite literally save your life,” she adds. “We take the time to do things like straighten our hair, do our makeup, take selfies; why not add this into your self-care routine as well? It’s so easy to do.”

Available this month, the TAKE CONTROL NOW collection includes ghd’s platinum+ styler, gold styler and helios hairdryer – all embossed with the campaign’s message. $20 from every purchase in Australia will go to the NBCF.

* Source: Brand tracking study – Toluna, 2019

** Source: Un-limited Survey

*** Source: Global Cancer Observatory, 2018