Ssh! Australia Announces 2015 Guest Artist Line-Up!

Ssh! 2015 social media tile

A gathering of the industry’s most ubiquitous luminaries delivered the message of Ssshhh! for the first time in Australia, in November 2014, coming together in a spirit of joining a neutral platform to collaborate creatively, educate, inspire artistry and contribute to global hairdressing.

Led by the trio of Emiliano Vitale, Benni Tognini and Robert Lobetta, the incredible artistic teams fuelled the creativity and passion for education in those who were captivated enough to attend an event appealing to a cross-generational demographic.

Says Emiliano, “We amplified education on a neutral platform by presenting a collective of incomparable creatives and in 2015 we are excited to be giving our industry something different again with international teams we believe will truly impact our industry with their other-worldly ingenuity and originality; there’s definitely something for everyone!”

Save the date for Sunday 15th & Monday 16th November 2015 – Ssh! is back – in all it’s enchanting glory and maintaining the underground vibe which intrigued so many – a secret venue, teasingly playful social media campaign and most importantly, an incomparable new line up of superstar artists.

In 2015, the event brings together an extraordinary array of creatives from Australia, the UK, Scotland, Spain and the US – identities who are synonymous with influencing innovation, creative design and direction, and pure wizardry in the art of hair.

Ssh! 2015 is proud to introduce:

  • Jason and India Miller – Charlie Miller – Scotland
  • Dove Palmer & Faye Turner – Mazella & Palmer – London
  • X-Presion – Spain
  • Caterina Di Biase – Heading Out Hair & Beauty – Australia
  • Brad Ngata – Brad Ngata Hair Design – Australia
  • Robert Lobetta – U.S.A.
  • Benni & Jules Tognini – Tognini’s – Australia
  • Emiliano Vitale & Lisa Muscat-Vitale – é SALON – Australia

According to Benni “The whole focus of Ssh! has been to fuse passion, unity, education, legends of the industry and raw talent to provide our audience the ultimate in creative inspiration.”

“In 2015 we have gathered another awe-inspiring group of incredibly distinctive artists – we’re certain this new mix of creatives will again showcase something that challenges everyone who attends with regards to how they think about hair and education!”

Ssh! promises once again to deliver an experiential educational experience for professionals in the hair, makeup, fashion and design arenas; a concept daring in it’s approach and delivery which is by the hairdresser for the hairdresser.

Says Emiliano, “In 2014, Ssh! truly changed the face of our hairdressing landscape – creative, unpredictable and visionary in it’s approach to education and presenting something by the hairdresser for the hairdresser. It really sets out to change and expand the educational horizon. ”

Make sure you follow the Ssh! event on Instagram and Facebook as more clues trickle through alluding to the venue, and eventually divulging the identities of our 2015 creative teams.

– TJ