In the somewhat less than ideal conditions endured by Splendour in the Grass attendees this year, the ghd team were on hand to keep their invited guests looking polished and rocking festival-ready strands. Here, they take us through how to get their top hairstyles from this year’s Splendour in the Grass.

  1. Prep the hair with Curly Ever After Curl Hold Spray 
  2. Using the ghd Platinum+ Styler, create ‘water waves’. To achieve this, rotate the styler 180 degrees and glide down the hair, stop and rotate 360 degrees in the opposite direction. Glide down and repeat the process throughout to create sculpted crests in the hair.
  3. Use this same technique on extensions and secure them into the hair for extra fullness
  4. Set with ghd Perfect Ending – Final Fix Hairspray to protect from the elements
  1. Prep with ghd bodygoals Total Volume Foam to slightly swell the hair shaft 
  2. Blowdry in using ghd Helios Hair Dryer, directing hair away from the face 
  3. Secure the hair into a high pony at the crown of the head 
  4. Place hair band two inches down the pony, then pinch, pull & sculpt hair into a bobble shape 
  5. Repeat down the pony until you reach the ends
  6. Finish with ghd Perfect Ending – Final Fix Hairspray
  1. Prep hair with ghd Curly Ever After Curl Hold Spray for 48 hour hold
  2. Using the ghd Curve Thin Wand and take 2cm X 2cm sections and wrap the hair around the wand and hold for 3 seconds and release
  3. Alternate curls in different directions 
  4. Run hands through to separate to create a natural-looking curl
  5. Finish with ghd Perfect Ending – Final Fix Hairspray