Show Us Your Kit x Richard Kavanagh

I’ve applied some pretty strange things to hair over the years… Sex tape? Mud from the ground? Moss. Lichen. Sticks. String.

Richard Kavanagh

Richard Kavanagh is really good at martial arts and even better at hair. We get into Kav’s kit and learn much about his style as an artist and human being.

What does your kit say about you as a hairdresser/artist?

My kit says, ‘better to have it and not want it, than to want it and not have it.’ I make sure I bring more than enough of everything imaginable because I never know what is going to be required to deliver the best outcome for my clients.

Strangest thing in your kit?

Sex tape. and not the kind you use to blow up the internet and get social media famous… I mean bondage tape, in different colours. It’s high gloss and sticks to itself but not the hair. I use it to create equine ponytails and avant garde head forms.

Strangest thing you’ve ever applied to hair?

Hmmm…. I’ve applied some pretty strange things to hair over the years… Sex tape? mud from the ground? Moss. Lichen. Sticks. String.

How essential is a well equipped kit to a solid performance on set?

I can’t imagine turning up to set with a less than well equipped kit. I would have anxiety about the thought of something happening that I wasn’t prepared for. So my answer is, it’s absolutely essential. If you’re comfortable that you’ve got everything and anything you might need, then you can relax and create the best outcome without having to think of shortcuts.

How does your kit look now as opposed to 10 years ago?

I would say the main difference is that I have a more comprehensive range of hair extensions and fringes. I keep a full inventory of all colours, of both, so I never get caught short. Other than that, it’s much the same… a few new tools (my ghd wave wands) and a few new products (I used to make my own sea salt spray and now Redken has a great one). Oh, and my Makita leaf blower… game changer! Thanks Jody Oliver.

A hairdresser’s kit isn’t a kit without …?

Some random comb or hairbrush that has travelled the world and never been used.