Sharon Blain Announces Scholarship Award

Sharon BlainAugust 03, 2015-371-54cropped


Sharon Blain Art of Education (SBE) has launched their 2016 Scholarship award and now invites apprentices, students and hairdressers with 8 years’ experience since commencing in the industry to apply.

When interviewing a group of world acclaimed industry hair legends recently, they all expressed that the key to their career successes and achievement was due entirely to having perfected strong foundational skills in basic hair design and the desire to never stop learning.

To help the younger generation meet the demands in their future career development, the SBE Scholarship Award was born. Throughout 2016, one scholarship will be allocated to every class scheduled in Australia and internationally to a worthy recipient. The scholarships will be awarded to the hairdresser who shows dedication, passion and flair.

Each application will be judged on its merits and the winner will be advised one month prior to each class commencing. For more information and entry details visit

– TJ