INTERVIEW: Que Colour’s Monique McMahon on Christophe Robin

David Mannah interviews Australian colour queen and Founder of Que Colour/Academy, Monique McMahon on the story and power of luxury haircare and colour brand Christophe Robin.

There are few Australian hairdressers yet to be influenced by the spirit and skillset of Monique McMahon. Founder of Que Colour Salon and Que Academy, her passion is palpable and disposition sweet as they come. A true asset to the industry, it was a borderline obsession with colour that walked Monique on a plane to Paris and into the salon of Christophe Robin in search of the world’s best colour products.

“I found the brand (Christophe Robin) in French VOGUE and as a colourist opening a specialist colour salon, was hooked on knowing more about it … so I travelled to Paris, walked into Christophe’s salon – no prior engagements – and introduced myself!” says Monique.

While Monique feels she made a fool of herself, we suggest otherwise, the entrepreneur returning home as the official Australian distributor of the brand.

“We were both young in our brands, so we took a chance on each other. I remember Christophe said to me, ‘you’re probably not the best distributor we could have right now, but you’re passionate, so let’s see what you can do with it.’”

Fast forward a few years and the brand has garnered a cult following among Australia and New Zealand’s top colourists with a particular penchant for its rare natural ingredients (think raw sea salt and prickly pear) and – you all know them – the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Masks.

Despite its challenges, 2021 has shaped proved an exciting one for Monique and the brand with an aesthetic refresh and new curl styling series, Curl Luscious.

“What I love about the new brand and packaging is its fresh, global appeal but what’s most exciting, is that we’re now plastic neutral … such a huge accomplishment and one we’re really proud of.”

To learn more about Monique, Christophe Robin and how the brand can benefit your salon, watch our IGTV interview, here.

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