Hard facts: only 12% of clients purchase at home haircare from their salon, but 85% of consumers say they would purchase something their hairdresser recommended. Salons are simply missing out on essential, high margin revenues.

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Let’s be honest here. For many of us, the sales element of hairdressing is our least favourite part. As artists, we’re more about the creativity and connection, and find ourselves intimidated at the prospect of getting our client to purchase product in salon.

Having already provided a solution that enhances the salon experience and generates more revenue for small salon businesses, Australian-based start-up piiq have now expanded to app land. Enter piiq Pro Lite, (beta version) the free mobile app that is seamlessly helping even the shyest of hairdressers level up their high margin revenue streams. 

So what sets piiq Pro Lite (beta version) from the existing piiq Smart Mirror? “We are now mobile,” explains piiq CEO Richard Kavanagh. “There’s no need for the constraints of the piiq Smart Mirror. Even though we love the mirror and still offer it as a premium product, with this new mobile solution, any hairdresser can harness the power of extra revenue – anywhere, and at anytime.”

Developed within Australia by the hairdressing industry (with the hairdressing industry kept firmly in mind) piiq Pro Lite Beta has one goal in mind: to help salon professionals thrive by making it ridiculously easy to talk about the right products and treatments. Talk about a dream come true for those of us who aren’t as comfortable in the retail space!

It’s no longer a ‘nice to have’ for hair salons to provide a digital experience. It’s a necessity, and piiq’s new beta app for mobile and tablets adds artificial intelligence to the hair consultation. What can one expect from the world’s first Ai-powered app? A seamless increase in uptake of at-home hair care and in-salon treatments through personalised recommendations for clients, offering stylists and their customers a fast new high-tech experience that works on any tablet or smartphone.

piiq’s harnessing of artificial intelligence is certainly making some serious waves, and shows how tech can be seamlessly integrated in salon. Says Richard, “The AI is a worlds first and an absolute breakthrough, I’m really excited about it. Just four years ago the engineers said it wouldn’t be possible, but I was certain we could crack it. It makes the process of integrating the technology into the salon experience a seamless, instant and powerfully educational experience.”

Sounds too good to be true, right? We promise you, it’s not! Take the plunge and dive in to the future of in-salon sales today. 

Learn more about piiq and piiq Pro Lite, here.

piiq digital