Want to boost retail salons by 250%? All it takes is 6-weeks and this super smart salon mirror. Apply and win your very own PIIQ.

You may have heard about the launch of Amazon’s very first smart salon in London – yet another effort to monopolise the beauty industry, sell more product and direct business away from the professional.

And then there’s PIIQ, the Australian born smart(er) mirror helping to revolutionise the industry by, not taking away from the independent salon, but rather empowering them. How? With retail support and pioneering facial technology enabling clients to experiment with change (without the commitment) before navigating a new look – cut and colour – they may not have considered before. Further to this, clients are able to create a moodboard and trial the latest celebrity trend … a little backup for the stylist when working towards suitability!

The best part? PIIQ acts as a virtual salesman. We all know hairdressers are creative creatures more comfortable at the colour table than the retail shelf. Recommending take home products very rarely comes naturally, and so PIIQ steps in with virtual recommendations personalised to every client. The suggested home care is saved to each guests’ PIIQ app (free to download) with an open invitation to purchase when they please – profit landing directly with the salon.

Further state-of-the-art features include 360-degree visual hair recording, social sharing capabilities, interactive in-app quizzes, virtual inventory and a touch screen control panel.

“It’s become my personal mission to help salons amazon proof the salon industry. I feel very strongly, that together, we can shift the momentum back into the hands of the small business owner. It won’t necessarily be easy, but as an industry, we know how to work hard, we know how to adapt, and most of all, we know how to serve…” says Richard Kavanagh, 5 x Australian Session Stylist of the Year and PIIQ CEO.

Currently live in 40 salons Australia-wide, beta testing has shown a 250% increase in retail sales over a 6-week period … that’s pretty impressive. And now it’s your turn to reap the benefits of this smart (and sexy we might add) mirror. PIIQ is offering 100 ANZ salons the chance to own their very own – all you have to do is apply here before June 30th with the winners announced in July.

Good luck!

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