Traditionally speaking a visit to the salon was usually accompanied by a complimentary therapy session of sorts, with the stylist stepping in as sounding board and oracle of wisdom for their trusting client. Relationships, work, family… You’d be surprised at the ground one can cover in the space of a cut and colour. 

Recently, however, there has been a shift in this traditionally social setting, with more and more salons offering a ‘silent treatment’ for their more reserved guests. That’s right, for those after a little quiet time as they have their tresses tended to,

For those seeking a little quiet time as they have their tresses tended to this will be music to their ears, with the only chatter to be had directly in relation to the services being requested.

The ‘silent’ cut, colour or treatment can be requested upon booking, and has been making its way across salons the world over, with one of the first to offer this new style of service Not Another Salon in London.

When speaking with Cosmopolitan, salon owner Sophia Hilton brought up the desire to respect the needs of all clients in offering the service. “In order for us to be a true non-judgment company we need to consider all our client’s needs,” she explained to the magazine. “With mental health issues on the rise, feeling comfortable to say when you need time out couldn’t be more important.”

Whether or not all salons decide to adopt this new type of offering for their guests, the move toward catering to the needs of all guests is fantastic to see and offers up a comfortable salon experience for everyone.

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