Seeking sunnier pastures but scared of the risks associated with lightening?

Worry no more. LA BIOSTHETIQUE satiates your hair care needs yet again with the launch of BLONDE; a groundbreaking lightening system built for balayage & hand painting.

Utilising white clay sourced from Switzerland the new BLONDE system gives colourist the ultimate creative control, allowing for unrivalled applications and delivering flawless results that speak for themselves.

The non-swelling system also comes with a lightening cream and powder that allow for a creamy and light consistency (that spreads like butter) to create foolproof blending; perfect for foiling and balayage.

BLONDE’s colouring system allows for a lighter, cleaner lift up to 7 levels with extreme durability. It comes in 3 peroxides at 2, 6 and 12%.

Healthy gorgeous hair is ensured with its optimised ph level that sits below 10 to leave the hair and scalp supple and shining. BLONDE solidifies itself as the new benchmark for subtle, clean colouring to achieve the brightest cleanest blonde.  

To find out how BLONDE will change the way you do colour visit: