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Larisa Love

Joico Global Brand Ambassador Larisa Love, Love Aura Joico Global Brand Ambassador Larisa Love, Love Aura Joico Global Brand Ambassador Larisa Love, Love Aura

The colour maestros at Joico have done it once again, teaming up with Global Brand Ambassador Larisa Love on their brightest collab yet.

Introducing ‘Love Aura’: A limited edition palette of five artistic shades guaranteed to have you feeling the love. The latest sequence in Joico’s iconic Color Intensity suite, ‘Love Aura’ was devised with the creative stylist front of mind; each shade envisioned and tested by Ms Love herself.

Passionate, bold, spiritual and dynamic (just like their namesake) shades in the ‘Love Aura’ collection are both rich in pigment and glossy in finish, making each the perfect colour option for clients looking to transform their hue while tapping into a deeper spirit of creativity.

Something Larisa understands all too well.

No stranger to a style change (or multiple) this colour chameleon has experimented with her trademark tresses on more than one occasion, sharing her style shifts with her half-a-million insta-followers every step of the way. (If you haven’t yet, check out @larisadoll for more #inspo).

Comprising a winning blend of Quadramine Complex (for hair protection and visibly healthier looking hair post service) and natural moisture agent Kukui Nut Oil (for improved shine), these positively-charged dyes combine effortlessly with treatment to penetrate deep into the hair shaft.

Moreover, colour lasts an average of 20 shampoos* with shades fading true-to-tone, meaning clients can maintain that high-shine, glossy finish between salon services. Shades are also intermixable with no bleed, making them the perfect candidates for creative techniques and blends.

As for the scent? Each formula boasts refreshing notes of citrus and flowers delivering a refreshing, signature fragrance upon colour application.

Available in five whimsical shades: True Lav, Passion Berry, Peri-Wink, Hot Kiss and Mauve Amour (as donned by Love in the collection’s campaign imagery), ‘Love Aura’ is the creative palette you (and your clients!) have been waiting for. The love affair begins…

Looking for a dose of inspiration? Check out Larisa’s ‘Love Aura: Roller Lights’ step-by-step here. In case you missed it, be sure to catch our illuminating Quick 10 (below) with the superstar during THE JOURNAL’s recent US stint. You’ll never guess her most bizarre pet peeve…

* Depending on daily care habits, hair history, and texture.

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