Because, texture is in.

As the trends evolve, so too must your tool kit… and our friends at Schwarzkopf Professional have just what you need to nail that effortless, undone texture clients are craving.

Enter the OSiS+ Long Hair Texture Range; a selection of styling heroes designed to hold shape without compromising natural movement, volume or texture – meaning lived-in waves and tousled up-dos are but a tong, tease and spray away. Great news for texture lovers.

Designed to suit the changing demands of stylists and clients alike (who’ve forgone hyper-polished do’s in favour of more natural, individual styles of late) the range reinvents styling for longer lengths with its breakthrough friction styling technology, featherlight texture and natural hold.

Formulas combine flexible polymers with micro-raw particles, both of which adhere to hair fibres to create that textured finish. When hair is frictioned with fingers, particles become entangled, ensuing a non-sticky hold and texture for days. (Literally – product can be reactivated simply by scrunching).

The result? Lightweight texture, amplified volume and instant root-lift; the long-hair wearer’s dream trifecta.

The first styling staple? The OSiS+ Dry Texture Spray; perfect for building volume with dry, tousled texture. Available in a full size and mini version, this invisible spray harnesses the styling prowess of silica to create, shape and define volume and texture, without compromising natural feel and shine.

Next up is the OSiS+ Soft Volumising Powder; a nourishing powder that leaves hair feeling moisturised and soft to touch. Formulated with coconut extract and sea salt, this easy-to-apply wave-wonder gives hair incredible texture and root lift, without a sticky residue.

Perfect for just about any hair type, the OSiS+ Dry Shampoo Foam refreshes and reactivates hair, treating normal to greasy scalps to deliver root lift and volume without shampooing. It’s perfect for prepping hair pre-styling and is infused with a blend of seven herbs (and modified rice starch) to absorb excess oil.

Likewise the OSiS+ Dry Conditioner is perfect for dry styling, detangling hair for natural movement and a velvety shine. Thanks to an infusion of hydrogenated olive oil, this reviver grants a flawless, smooth and frizz-free surface, reviving dull lengths and ends to create a beautiful finish.

Available now, products in the OSiS+ Long Hair Texture Range can be picked up at selected Schwarzkopf Professional salons and/or assorted hair care retailers. Get textured today.

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