Heartbreaking news today as Reed Exhibitions announce the discontinuation of beloved industry event, Hair Expo Australia.

The news follows Reed’s 2020 decision to postpone and ultimately cancel this year’s Hair Expo Australia offering, due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and concerns over guests’ health and safety.

A disappointing albeit necessary precaution, given the evolving global pandemic and its continued impact across the industry and nation at large.

In a statement issued today, Managing Director for Reed Exhibitions Australia, Brian Thomas shared;

“Over the past few weeks, Reed Exhibitions has been undergoing a thorough and extensive review of our entire events portfolio in order to reshape our company to maintain a strong and progressive business for the future.

I regret to announce that it was decided during this review that Hair Expo Australia will be discontinued and no longer be a part of Reed Exhibitions’ calendar of events.”

Unarguably one of the most anticipated events on the annual hairdressing calendar, Hair Expo Australia has served as an unwavering source of inspiration for hairdressing professionals, salon owners and brand affiliates.

Drawing hundreds of guests, headliners and presenters every year, Hair Expo Australia has been a continued conduit for creativity, affording hair lovers and professionals alike a chance to learn and explore among their peers.

“On behalf of M Division, I would like to express my sadness at the news of Hair Expo Australia’s discontinuation,” says M Division CEO David Mannah.

“A yearly highlight for hairdressers far and wide (including each of our incredible FAME Team classes), Hair Expo Australia has been an ongoing source of excitement and inspiration for all; one that will be sorely missed.”

“There is no doubt that Hair Expo Australia was a valued event for the hairdressing community,” Brian adds.

“We hope that Hair Expo Australia played some small role in bringing the community together and providing a space where long lasting relationships could be formed.”

And indeed it did.

Our thoughts and well wishes are with the entire Hair Expo Australia team during this difficult time. Thank you for the cavalcade of unforgettable moments, interactions and persevering memories.

Read the full statement, here.