Continuing the fight against slavery, abuse and human trafficking of women and children, ELEVEN Australia partners with Hagar again in 2021, marking the eight consecutive year and over $276,000 of funds raised as part of the Style for Life initiative.

Did you know that a human slave can be purchased for as little as USD $90, and that the UN estimate over 2 million people will be sold into slavery each year? Women and children account for nearly 71% of all victims of modern slavery – that’s nearly 91 million.

Titled Style for Life, ELEVEN’s global initiative sees $1 from every bottle of the brand’s best selling Miracle Hair Treatment invested into the incredible life changing efforts of Hagar (throughout the month of March). The international charity works to restore the lives of women and children who have survived severe human rights abuse such as modern-day slavery, human trafficking and domestic violence. For example, ELEVEN Australia’s 2019 money raised provided over 18 women with specialist trauma counselling, intensive education programs and career training opportunities in hairdressing – alleviating staff issues all around the world! Further to this, the funds assisted two women in Vietnam and one in Cambodia set up their own salons. Ultimately empowering women both now and into the future with a trade that will only continue to give.

“We are extremely proud to be able to continue working with Hagar and it is thanks to our amazing industry that we can continue the global success of Style for Life and raise much-needed funds to help heal women and children in the greatest need,” says ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director, Joey Scandizzo.

“I am honoured that every bottle of Miracle hair Treatment sold during this month will help make a difference and a give a little miracle to those who need it most.”

Beyond the bottle, Style for Life invites hairdressers/salons all over the world to partake in the March movement, with some salons donating a full day’s worth of cuts and services to the cause.

To learn more about Style for Life Month and how you can get involved, visit