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MuseAvenue is here and ready to change the way people find their perfect hairdresser. The new hairdressing digital platform, created by former Franck Provost General Manager Raphael Veron, is set to take the industry by storm and change the way in which hair professionals and clients find each other. 

MuseAvenue is an innovative online marketplace that connects clients with the right hairdresser every time. With low retention rates and difficulties finding the perfect hairdresser, Raphael Veron wanted to create a solution that was easy, efficient, and effective. Using his extensive experience and contacts in the industry, he noticed a gap in the market for an online platform that promotes hairdressers across Australia and helps them grow their personal brand.

Hairdressers can create a free online profile that reflects their expertise and is listed on a comprehensive marketplace where users can choose their preferred location, service, cost, and expertise. This helps hairdressers connect with the hair community and get matched with their ideal clients. The platform aims to educate, empower, and excite hairdressers to build their own brand and businesses.

Since its soft launch in January, MuseAvenue has received overwhelming positive feedback with hundreds of signups already. Co-founder and tech expert Thomas Roux has plans for expansion with additional features such as online booking and recruitment tools. A mobile app is set to launch later in the year, and a premium service is also in the pipeline.

Founder Raphael Veron said, “Hairdressers are the heart and soul of the hair industry, and the right match between clients and hair professionals is the key to ensuring a positive experience for everyone. After a decade in the industry, I have an innate understanding of what both hairdressers and clients want, and we are thrilled to provide a unique service offering that fulfills both needs.”

MuseAvenue is now live and ready to help people find their perfect hairdresser. If you’re a hairdresser looking to grow your personal brand, or a client looking for the right match, check out MuseAvenue right here.